Keep Love and You Alive……….

Bottom Line Health reports that there is a little-known risk factor to your heart that does not show up on ANY tradtional heart tests. A stethoscope, an EKG or any high-tech medical scans cannot detect it.

What is this hidden heart-attack trigger? Several university studies have found that people who INTERRUPT conversations are at a greater risk for heart problems. A Duke University study found that people who interrupt are up to 7 times more likely to get heart disease!

Why? Researchers theorize that people who interrupt are excessively competitive and controlling-2 hallmarks of the worst “Type A” personality traits. Listen to this:  These high risk people can lower their risk without altering their personalities, no drugs, therapy, diet or exercise.  All they have to do is be GOOD LISTENERS!

Finally, in one study, the test subjects focused on being silent while others talked. The result: They lowered both their blood pressure and their stress hormone levels.

Become good listeners for the sake of love and your life !!

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