Tantric Kissing-Part 1

Kissing is a good barometer of how happy a couple is. If you are looking to re-ignite your relationship you could try these 5 tantric kissing styles that will definitely add more spice, colorĀ and juice to your sex life.

(1) Lipping-normal lipĀ kissing

(2) Tonguing-tongues kissing each other

(3) Sucking-you can suck on your partner’s lower and upper lips or tongue

(4) Blowing-before you start kissing use your mouth to blow warm air on the area.

(5) Biting-get ready for more heat as you add anything from light nibbles to more animalistic type bites.

If you are up for more connection, presence and energy between you and your partner then these 5 kisses may be for you. It takes practice to feel the more subtle sensations of these kisses.

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