Love Right Here And Right Now

Lewis and I are on our way home from  Baltimore and the Washington DC areas after attending a joyous wedding of our good friends’ daughter.

The day before the wedding we visited three places that were on our “bucket list” -the Vietnam Memorial, the World War II Memorial and the Holocaust Museum.

Phew, there are no words, only sadness and the thought how horrible people can be to each other at times.  As I walked away from these three sites I felt a deep stirring and remembering in my soul. The only thing I can do is to love and be kind to each and every person I meet. 

 As we searched for our car on Pennsylvania Avenue,  I held Lewis’ hand and  thought, ” I get to practice being loving and kind right here and right now with Lewis.”

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  1. William Eddy

    Diane, You are right we live in a brutal world and we have a constant opportunity to make it better by being a unit of world peace! We can support what is true and good or not , we can stand up for what is true or not. Standing on the sideline or not when others are abusing others is a choice.

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