Relationships And Divorce ( sad stuff )

Today two friends of mine posted a precious picture of them with their new granddaughter. Many years ago they divorced and to see them together with this bundle of joy made me feel sad and happy and think–darn- why do people have to divorce.

So to those of you not married yet-I say PLEASE think about what you are doing before you take this monumental step. Make sure you understand and know your requirements, needs, your values and that you have some vision for your future and that the person you are with is in alignment with that.

I think the people on this planet would be happier if there were less divorces.   Blessings to all.


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  1. I’m sure that no one gets married without putting serious thought into it, and without being as sure as they can be at that point in their lives. The problem is that when couples have trouble, they often assume that it’s the relationship’s fault, when it might in fact be a more individual problem that needs to be worked out.

    1. Dear Alexis, Thanks for your comment. There are many situations where serious thought goes into whether the relationship is right for two people. Yes, sometimes it is an individual problem that can cause a relationship to suffer. In a healthy relationship the other person will be a source of support. That said we see people who jump into relationships because they are having fun, the sex is good or the person has a lot of what they want. These people may not even be aware of what they really want. Further more, people have limiting beliefs around what they deserve in a relationship so they compromise and the compromise comes back to haunt them.

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