The fourth principle of conscious dating is: Balance Your Heart With Your Head.

Make your relationship choices consciously.  When you experience chemistry with someone, it is like an irresistible magnetic force that causes you to leap eagerly into a relationship.  While chemistry and attraction are important for a sustainable relationship, it is just as important to experience these feelings while staying in touch with reality.

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I, a Catholic, will be celebrating my sixth Passover with my husband Lewis.  Lewis’ tradition for celebrating Passover is kind of like the Christmas season condensed into one week. The entire kitchen– pots, pans and dishes– changes; the refrigerator gets emptied out completely to make way for the special Passover foods; there’s tons of baking and cooking.  Lewis happily prepares for the Passover seder and the eight days of Passover at our home are joyful, loving and heartwarming.

When we were dating Lewis invited me to a Passover seder and told me all that he did to prepare for it. He shared his love for this holy tradition and said that he would do it this way forever and it was important that his partner agree to do this with him.

When it came time for the “I do” we both made a vow to honor each other’s religious traditions and join in as much as possible.

So I have a secret to share. Our schedules this year are busier than ever. There is a part of me that wanted to suggest that we simply join in with the synagogue festivities and not do the Passover seder at our home.

Why didn’t I make this suggestion? Because when I said yes to marrying Lewis, I made a vow. I knew what Passover would look like.

So I made the shift in my mindset.  I asked myself, “What did I need so I could be as happy as usual about honoring my vow to Lewis?”  I needed help with the spring cleanup that is part of the holiday preparations.  I enlisted the help of my daughter and nephew for those chores.  Now I am excited above the Passover holiday and can be fully supportive for Lewis. While sitting at the Passover seder this year, joyously celebrating with family and friends, I will feel a deep sense of contentment, knowing that I honored my vow.

I am sitting here in our living room and in walks my 25 year old daughter. “What should I blog about?” I ask her. She finishes drinking her water and here is what she says.

“Talk about the importance of appreciation. I know so many girls that would rather find a napkin with a love note or a flower rather than receive a text message.  I know one thing-I and many of my friends love when someone wants to spend quality time with us. It’s so valuable-way more valuable than money could ever be.”

This made me think that maybe the new generation is missing some of what we in the older generation grew up with. So leave a note, a flower, take time for a walk…something other than a text.  I’m so glad I asked my daughter what to blog about!

Lewis and I are on our way home from  Baltimore and the Washington DC areas after attending a joyous wedding of our good friends’ daughter.

The day before the wedding we visited three places that were on our “bucket list” -the Vietnam Memorial, the World War II Memorial and the Holocaust Museum.

Phew, there are no words, only sadness and the thought how horrible people can be to each other at times.  As I walked away from these three sites I felt a deep stirring and remembering in my soul. The only thing I can do is to love and be kind to each and every person I meet.

As we searched for our car on Pennsylvania Avenue,  I held Lewis’ hand and  thought, ” I get to practice being loving and kind right here and right now with Lewis.”

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Conscious Dating is a registered trademark of the Relationship Coaching Institute.

I teach Physical Education at a private school in the mornings.  I was teaching and playing kickball outside with my 9 and 10 year old students.

As we were walking back  to the school building Mary walked up next to me and told me that Jane was mad at her.  “How do you know that?” I  asked. ”She looks kind of mad or something,” answered Mary.

“Gee,”  I said to myself.  I do this and I certainly see the same happening to my clients: making assumptions. I suggested that she find Jane and ask  her if there was anything wrong. She did and a few minutes later Mary came running back to me to tell me that Jane was sad because her mom was out of town. Jane asked Mary if she could play after school!

Here is the powerful point. Ask before making assumptions to avoid misinterpretations and self projections.

Have your mornings lost their passion and connection? Do you find yourself rushing out of bed and out the door having barely spoken to your partner? Or are you so exhausted from your day that you fall asleep before hugging, kissing or connecting with your partner? We and many couples we talk to have lives that are so busy and hectic, that they barely stop, to look at each other and connect.

One day I went to our bookshelf and there was the “The Tao of Sexology” by Dr. Stephen T. Chang. I was reminded about the Morning and Evening Prayer. It’s a way to connect in busy times. Lewis and I like it for that very reason. We don’t do it every day and sometimes a week or two will go by but we are happy when we do take the time for this practice.

In a nutshell, a couple lays together naked for about 5 minutes with lips locked. The man does penetrate the woman and you breathe together. There is an energetic flow that feels good. This technique is simple, intimate and best of all can be tailored to your time frame.

Good Luck !

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