Meet Diane Denbaum

“I think Diane has an incredible natural aptitude for the coaching process. She knows when listen, when to ask questions and when to support and celebrate. At each step I felt validated and encouraged to move forward in my life. These are incredible gifts and I feel very grateful to have her as my life coach.”M. Bell Executive Director Canada

Diane feels a connection to women as she has struggled with many of the same issues in the past and helping others is what makes her excited about life. Diane has personally experienced many of the struggles listed above and has compassion and understanding for women who are facing these hardships. Through her own journey she has learned different tools to help her cope with the hard time. Diane’s 16 year marriages ended abruptly just after she gave birth to her third child. Her husband explained that he was leaving her for another women and she was left to raise the three young children on her own. Diane found herself alone, broke, raising three small children and working full time as a teacher and a professional nanny on the side. She was confronted with many of her own personal daemons in which she had to find the strength to move through and overcome. She had to learn to set firm boundaries with her children, ex-husband and her work place. It was during this time that Diane looked outside of herself and searched for tool to help her get through this rough patch and major life transition. The Landmark Forum is where Diane first saw signs of light and self-transformation. She resonated deeply with the message that Land Mark was sharing. It was an environment that made her take a hard look at herself, accept what had happened, let go of “the story” and move forward. This is the kind of coaching Diane believes is the most beneficial and encourages “actions steps” in her method to keep her clients moving forward and making steps of progress. In 2004 Diane met her now husband, Lewis Denbaum. Both Diane and Lewis had experienced great heartache through the end of the previous marriages and divorce. As a couple, Diane and Lewis were determined to make their relationship strong and healthy through tools of good communication. Lewis has two children of his own and they were able to successfully blend their families together. Diane and Lewis are both life coaches and pull from their past experiences and mistakes and integrate what they have learned from other coaches, books, seminars, etc. Diane and Lewis have a commitment to each other to practice what they teach and to use the tools in their own relationship. They have been happily married for 7 years and are devoted to self growth and relationship success. Diane, by nature is a nurturer. She has a very close relationship with her three children, has been a professional nanny and a school teacher for over 25 years. Her home no matter how small and simple, has always been the neighborhood favorite. Diane attended St. John the Baptist High School, College of St. Rose and Siena College. She received her BS in Elementary Education and is a graduate of both the International Coach Academy and the Relationship Coaching Institute. Combining her vast amount of experience working with communities though service, volunteer work, teaching, coaching, being a mother of three and a social woman by nature, Diane feels she has a lot to share and offer to other women. Through coaching she can take utilize her teaching background and help women put into practice what her coaching teaches them. Her passion lies in seeing other women empowered and take ownership and control of their lives while maintaining their nurturing nature and femininity. This can lead to decreases in divorce rate and the damaging affects divorce has on children. Diane believes the tools she has developed on her own journey can benefit other women and help them to avoid all of the mistakes she made and looks forward to coaching you!

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