What You Will Learn

There is alot to Learn:

  • What true love is. Beyond culture, race, and gender, you will recognize yourself. You will cry and applaud as you read each story. ( Chapter 1)
  • How to be as steady as a rock in the ever-changing nature of relationships. (Chapter 3)
  • Own the most important relationship tool ever. (Chapter 3)
  • Find yourself and the love you want. (Chapter 3)
  • Discover your own hidden treasure that you can draw upon everyday. (Chapter 3)
  • Realize the power of taking care of your body and actualizing your destiny (Chapter 4)
  • Three simple ways to connect the mind and body so they both work for you. (Chapter 4)
  • The secret of learning about yourself and how you relate to others. (Chapter 5)
  • The single best exercise to stop hate from eating at your heart like acid. (Chapter 6)
  • Why forgiveness is the essential key to happy relationships. (Chapter 6)
  • The best recipe for living in freedom and loving more easily with less anger. (Chapter 6)
  • A consistently reliable way to find peace of mind while simultaneously loving your partner. (Chapter 7)
  • How to determine the absolutely best time to start dating. (Chapter 8)
  • Why dating is an opportunity to actually be in relationship with yourself! (Chapter 8)
  • How to eliminate destructive communication habits. (Chapter 9)
  • The key to being yourself: honest, sincere and frank. ( Chapter 9)
  • Become a more effective listener so people will want to be around you. (Chapter 10)
  • Why expectations can destroy your relationship. (Chapter 11)
  • How to control less and love more. (Chapter 12)
  • One way to change your “glasses” from Fear to Love, so you can see your partner in his or her real beauty.” (Chapter 12)
  • Learn the highest form of love. How to quickly and easily create harmony, using appreciation. (Chapter 13)
  • Six ways to improve your time spent together. (Chapter 14)
  • The importance of giving your best to each other. ( Chapter 14)
  • A quadrant graph to improve your sex life. (Chapter 15)
  • How to stop projecting your issues onto your partner. (Chapter 16)
  • The most overlooked document that can save a marriage. (Chapter 17)
  • Sure-fire ways to eliminate clutter in your home. (Chapter 18)
  • Ten tips for blending families so adults AND kids are happy. (Chapter 19)

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