“Just the introduction to Diane and Lewis Denbaum’s book, Madly in Love Foreverwas enough to make me want to read more. I have known Diane and Lewis personally for over 15 years. The fact that they want to share what they have learned with people is a true gift.”

– Carol Kline –

Bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul and other books in the series

Read or listen to Madly In Love Forever, A Guide and Lasting Love to be Madly In Love Forever.  This is not therapy or “clinical” research. This IS a practical, hands-on guide to improving your relationship. Through heartfelt stories, common-sense relationship advice and action steps, you can end any loneliness or frustration associated with an unsuccessful relationship and make your relationship better.



How to be as steady as a rock in the ever-changing nature of relationships.

Own the most important relationship tool ever.

Three simple ways to connect the mind and body so they both work for you.

The secret of learning about yourself and how you relate to others.

The best recipe for living in freedom and loving more easily with less anger.


A consistently reliable way to find peace of mind while simultaneously loving your partner.

How to determine the absolutely best time to start dating.

How to eliminate destructive communication habits.

Become a more effective listener so people will want to be around you.

Why expectations can destroy your relationship.

How to control less and love more.


How to quickly and easily create harmony, using appreciation.

Six ways to improve your time spent together.

A 2×2 box to improve your sex life.

How to stop projecting your issues onto your partner.

The most overlooked document that can save a marriage.

“I was delighted when Lewis and Diane asked me to engineer the audio version of their new book, Madly in Love Forever. Being in the process of reuniting with my ex-wife five years after a heart rending divorce, I was very curious what they would have to say and how it would differ from the many other books on relationships I had read. Well, it couldn’t have been more timely. Tears of recognition were followed by the strength of resolve and knowledge as their story unfolded before my ears. I couldn’t believe my luck at having to scrutinize their every word several times over, just before leaving on a trip to visit my wife and daughter in hopes of galvanizing the next steps towards recreating our family. Their down to earth, practical wisdom is punctuated regularly with simple but profound action steps that effectively facilitate unconditional love and truly taking responsibility for creating one’s life. Their words continue to echo as I walk the path they outlined. Thank you, Lewis and Diane for taking the initiative to realize your own goals and then show us the way.”

– Tim Britton –

Renowned musician and owner of Pied Piper Productions