Turn Your Relationship From Sour To Sweet

Successful couples perceive their relationship as an entity unto itself, and put effort into nurturing their love relationship. A recent survey of 100+ happy couples in love showed that their relationship flourishes when they give the relationship time and attention.

A neglected relationship stagnates. Where is the fun? Spending quality time together and nurturing the relationship is the antidote.

To put extra focus on nurturing your love relationship, follow these three tips:

1. Make an Activity List. Begin by making a list of things that keep your relationship alive and healthy. What do you like do to together? Ideas: go to movies, have romantic dinners out, dance, play ball, take long walks, or play music. Make a list of any size and agree on activities you both like, then book dates into your calendar. If you have young children, involve them in appropriate activities, or find childcare. Culture that sweet feeling between you. One couple reported that, after being in a marriage relationship for 20 years, they noticed that they were paying no attention to their relationship. They made a special date to remember how they used to nurture their relationship. What fun it was to rekindle their connection with the things they used to do!

2. Dream a Shared Dream. You and your partner are different people, so you will not always have the same vision. But you can find common ground. One couple keeps this quote from John Lennon in their bedroom. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” Talk to each other about your attitudes, ideas, feelings, vision for the world, values, plans, goals, and favorites. The setting can be a humble as your back porch or as romantic as the deck of a cruise ship. Either way, talk about your world and forge a closer relationship.

3. Spend Time Together. Some of the couples in the survey suggested finding time to be together on a daily basis. Whether it is for five minutes or 24 hours, spend time doing things together. Once a month, have a romantic date. Once in a while, participate in an activity that your partner is passionate about. If you cannot participate, you can observe or take photographs. Enjoy a novel experience together, such as taking a workshop together, hiking in a new location or cooking an exotic meal together. Minimize distractions and feel free to enjoy each other’s company.

Don’t let a good relationship go sour because you don’t nurture the relationship! Think if your relationship as a little baby. It needs to be held. It needs to be fed. It needs love to grow. In the same way, think of your love relationship is its own entity that needs nurturing. Use these tips to spend time with your partner, make a date, and find activities you can do together. You will be well on your way to a happy and successful love relationship.