“Lewis and Diane are the ideal couple to be doing relationship work. Their own loving relationship and their ability to communicate effectively with each other serves as a role model to others. They bring their own life experience and extensive study in the field of relationships to their work. They each have a warm, caring personality and a great sense of humor, which result in an excellent teaching style. They are passionate in their mission of helping couples experience joyful, loving relationships.”

– Janet Atwood –

Author of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test

“Just the introduction to Diane and Lewis Denbaum’s book, Madly in Love Forever, was enough to make me want to read more. I have known Diane and Lewis personally for over 15 years. The fact that they want to share what they have learned with people is a true gift.”

– Carol Kline –

Bestselling co-author of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul and other books in the series

Fantastic! Diane and Lewis have written a gem of a book. Millions of people will devour this book and be Madly in Love Forever.

This is not a book of therapy or “clinical” recommendations.  These are the hard-earned lessons of two people just like you and me, lessons that helped them learn how to love again—at a level they could previously only imagine and yearn for. This is a wealth of information and heartfelt stories that will show you how to put an end to the loneliness and frustration of “relationship suffering.” 

Want to love and be loved forever? Read this amazing book so that you can enjoy being in relationships again.  And, since this is a true “his and hers” book, make sure your lover has their own copy!”

– Vic Johnson –

Founder, As A ManThinketh and author of the best-selling Day by Day With James Allen

“Since more than 50% of couples go through divorce, there is deep need for men and women to find ways to do relationships differently. Lewis and Diane, who have both been through a divorce, have found ways to do their relationship differently and have a vast store of tools to share with other couples. Their dedication and passion for couples to heal and grow together is evident in the way they relate to each other, as well as in their work with couples.”

– Char Tosi –

Co-Founder and Presenter of “A Couples Weekend.”

“As soon as I read Madly in Love Forever, I ordered two more copies for my daughters, both single and still just at the beginning of their learning curve about relationships. It’s very helpful, whatever one’s natural ability in this area of life and however much experience one has. I have been married for 36 years, and I was reminded of many useful practices. Diane and Lewis’ book makes many profound and practical points on how to nurture, love and respect your partner for the sake of the full blossoming of love—which is why we get into relationship in the first place!

– Sheila Ross –

Fairfield, Iowa 

“My husband Jonas and I had coaching sessions with Diane and Lewis many times. Every time the support and guidance they offered ended in wonderful results for me on the mental and emotional levels. These results gave me a deeper connection with my husband and our marriage grew stronger and sweeter.Lewis and Diane inspire trust and inspiration through the example of their own marriage and their love of helping others.” Love and Blessings,

– Sandra Magram –

Founder of Prasad Gifts, Inc.

“Even after being married for over 27 years and doing lots of relationship “work” together, my wife Sandra and I have benefited greatly from Lewis and Diane’s guidance. Our communication is more open, more frequent, and more effective and, as a result, our love for one another flows more freely and fully. It is evident that Lewis and Diane walk their talk and that their teaching is based on their own successful practice. We wholeheartedly recommend them to any couple seeking a more loving, honest, and intimate relationship.” 

– Jonas Magram –

Singer/songwriter for Jonas & the Seventh Ray

“I was delighted when Lewis and Diane asked me to engineer the audio version of their new book, Madly in Love Forever. Being in the process of reuniting with my ex-wife five years after a heart rending divorce, I was very curious what they would have to say and how it would differ from the many other books on relationships I had read. Well, it couldn’t have been more timely. Tears of recognition were followed by the strength of resolve and knowledge as their story unfolded before my ears. I couldn’t believe my luck at having to scrutinize their every word several times over, just before leaving on a trip to visit my wife and daughter in hopes of galvanizing the next steps towards recreating our family. Their down to earth, practical wisdom is punctuated regularly with simple but profound action steps that effectively facilitate unconditional love and truly taking responsibility for creating one’s life. Their words continue to echo as I walk the path they outlined. Thank you, Lewis and Diane for taking the initiative to realize your own goals and then show us the way.”

– Tim Britton –

Renowned musician and owner of Pied Piper Productions