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You Have No Idea How Much We Understand What Your Are Going Through.

Are You At Your Wit’s End, Completely Frustrated,
Angry, Baffled, And Wondering If A Fulfilling And
Happy Relationship Is Ever Going To Be
Possible For You?

Dear Friends,

We know exactly how you feel. We too wanted to experience the joy of a lasting, loving relationship, and yet the opposite happened. And after many years of suffering in our separate marriages, we were both at the end of our rope. How the heck did we end up like this we would constantly ask ourselves.

We both ended up divorced—and then we slogged through the despair of relationship failure for a total of 15 years between us. Many a sleepless night was spent worrying about the effect of divorce on our children. Matter of fact we worried about alot of things at that time. Talk about hitting rock-bottom and living with tears and that awful gut wrenching feeling that eats at your heart like acid. Super Tums wouldn’t have been enough! We prayed that a day would come that the constant anger, sadness and guilt would end, and that one day we might be able to love again.

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, the rock-bottom feeling is the rock-bottom feeling, and it’s miserable. Rock bottom for us was saturated with feelings of rejection, self-doubt, anger, frustration, hurt, guilt, disappointment, blame, shame, and the all-around misery of divorce. Chances are you have some words of your own to add to this horror show.

During those years, we both made our situations worse by not handling our feelings and relationships very well. How could we? Like most people in our shoes, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. Can you relate?

Funny, because if you are like us, you think you know what you are doing and of course started our with the best of intentions.

Are You Like Us—Not Only In Hell, But LOST In Hell?!

Our hell was:

  • Being told you’re not loved anymore while you’re holding an infant in your arms and your kindergartner and second grader are sleeping in the room next door.
  • Finding out that your partner loves someone else.
  • Dealing with anger oozing out of you to the point where you wonder if you are a monster you feel so ugly.
  • Screaming “No! No! No!” to the heavens—totally devastated that your children will have to experience divorce.
  • Wondering “Why me?”
  • Facing what you most hoped you wouldn’t have to
  • Self -doubt and self-criticism creeping in daily
  • Feeling like you failed your children
  • Fear, fear, fear

Like we said, we didn’t intend to end up in relationship hell. But somewhere along the way, our marriages had been put on the back burner and gotten eaten alive by the pressures of work, bills, parenting, moving to a new state, changing jobs, new homes, bankruptcies, growing families and earning a  C- in communications through it all.

In other words we were fighting like cats and dogs, muddling our way through all sorts of arguments, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, silent treatments, pretending and so much confusion.

Product Review – Janet Attwood
“Lewis and Diane are the ideal couple to be doing relationship work. Their own loving relationship and their ability to communicate effectively with each other serves as a role model to others. They bring their own life experience and extensive study in the field of relationships to their work. They each have a warm, caring personality and a great sense of humor, which result in an excellent teaching style. They are passionate in their mission of helping couples experience joyful, loving relationships.”




If You Are Lost And In Hell You Probably Suffer From At Least Some of These Behavior Bugaboos.

Do Any of The Following Plague Your Relationship?

  • Poor communication, including good old fighting like cats and dogs,,yelling, refusing to talk, pretending, controlling, withholding, harboring fear and worry.
  • Poor listening, including unfinished sentences, interruptions, misinterpretations, rudeness, actually being told to shut up.
  • Unrealistic expectations of each other, or, in other words, “minding the heck out of your partner’s business.”
  • Controlling behavior—either telling your partner what to do, or letting your partner boss you around.
  • Unappreciative actions and attitudes; you basically don’t do a thing to uplift each other or the relationship; complaining about your partner.
  • Not enough time together—the magic is completely gone; your life together is mundane; you are doing different things on your own all the time.
  • An unfulfilling sex life or no sex life.
  • Blaming each other constantly for everything.
  • Financial disagreements.
  • Difficulty agreeing on parenting styles, or putting the kids needs first all the time.
  • Sheer exhaustion—in body and soul you are actually too tired to do anything about your relationship problems.

Like us, you probably found more than one, right?

Each day we made our situations worse by not handling these behaviors or our feelings very well. How could we? Like most people in our shoes, we had absolutely no idea what we were doing.

Before we go on, we’d like to introduce ourselves. Hi, we are Diane and Lewis Denbaum. As you continue reading, you will discover more about who we are. It is our hope that the way we use words to talk about relationships will resonate with you. We’d love to see happier couples, less divorces, less pain, and more love on this planet for all adults and children.

We Were Lost And In Pain Until We Learned That Being In Hell Can Actually Be A Godsend.

We hope this message will make sense to you right now, and yet if you are unsure-stay with us and we think it will make sense. Crazy as it sounds, sometimes the biggest heartache you’ll ever have can be just the wake-up call and heaven-sent ticket out of a bad situation that you needed. We have alot of stories to tell that will help you but for now we want you to know that whatever you are dealing with, we will offer you remedies for relief.  When we decided to seek for the silver lining and lessons in the painful mess we found ourselves in, and put these lessons into action, some of the pain slowly subsided.

You can experience this relief too. How, you may be asking.  When we decided to make changes, we found many, many tools that were fantastically helpful. Each day, at the best we could be, we started to see our way up from rock-bottom. Matter of fact, life actually started to feel worth getting up to because something new and different was being created.

We were fed up with suffering. We wanted to be role models for our children and show them that things do not have to stay horrible. They didn’t stay horrible. We wanted to be happily in love NOW—and forever! It happened-we are in the relationship we both had yearned for.

Years ago the desire for our pain to end and for happiness to reign was the inspiration for us to seek out all the help we did. Now in our Madly in Love Foreverbook we share our stories and experiences, and we hope you will be inspired to take this very moment to make sense of your pain—and take the first steps to end it. Why wait, maybe you won’t have to suffer for as long and hard as we did.

We hope you see yourself and your life in our trials and tribulations, and learn from the practical messages and teachings about love, life and relationships. Let us help you get right to the crux of what it really takes to master a relationship and end the patterns that could be at the root of some of your problems.

Product Review – Carol Kline
“Just the introduction to Diane and Lewis Denbaum’s book, Madly in Love Foreverwas enough to make me want to read more. I have known Diane and Lewis personally for over 15 years. The fact that they want to share what they have learned with people is a true gift.”



As You Read More About Us, You Will Learn That If You Can Get To The Root Of Problematic Behaviors In Your Relationship, You Will Be Able To Stop The Pain And Start Creating Happiness.

That’s what we address in Madly in Love Forever: How to make significant changes that will strengthen, sweeten and deepen your relationship. And how to change your thinking and actions so that, day by day, you build a union that supports you and fulfills you—in all areas of life.

  • If you are single, you can create an openness and readiness to creating a relationship worth having.
  • If you are about to remarry and suspect you are pretty much still thinking and acting the way you did in your previous marriage, you can starting thinking and acting in more effective ways.
  • If you have been married for a long time and need some fresh air and renewal in your relationship, stick with us and see how your love gets revived.
  • If you are suffering too much to even know what you want, stay with us.

Otherwise You May Live In A Messy Relationship
Until You Die?

You may be saying, “Oh my gosh, that’s not what I want”. Neither did we. We all want to enjoy our lives and find our way out of, or through, hard places. Yet we were clueless about how to do that. We were stuck in a habit of making our partners wrong and feeling sorry for ourselves. If you see yourself here, you know how this can literally suck the life force right out of you.

Finally, we got to a point where we could see that blaming and looking outside ourselves for something to change was ridiculous and a dead end zone. We started looking for knowledge and tools to help us figure out how to make the changes we wanted to see in our lives. We were ready for “Act Two”.

Even when we realized divorce was the best way to go, we didn’t stop learning about how to be better in relationships.  Because, if it’s messy with one person, most likely it will be messy with others. So it’s worth starting wherever you are right now, cleaning up your current relationship, and creating a whole new set of habits.

If you immerse yourself in reading Madly in Love Forever, we show you how you can clean up the messes in your life, have more peace of mind and enjoy your relationship.

Product Review – Vic Johnson
Fantastic! Diane and Lewis have written a gem of a book. Millions of people will devour this book and be Madly in Love Forever.This is not a book of therapy or “clinical” recommendations. These are the hard-earned lessons of two people just like you and me, lessons that helped them learn how to love again—at a level they could previously only imagine and yearn for. This is a wealth of information and heartfelt stories that will show you how to put an end to the loneliness and frustration of “relationship suffering.” Want to love and be loved forever? Read this amazing book so that you can enjoy being in relationships again. And, since this is a true “his and hers” book, make sure your lover has their own copy!”


You Will See That From Our Experiences We Finally Put The Relationship Jigsaw Puzzle Together And Offer What We Learned To You

Each one of us has a story. You have a story and we have our stories, and each one is completely unique.

But fundamentally all our stories have similar elements, such as the tremendous desire to be loved. We suggest that you allow your story to dovetail onto our stories, as told in Madly in Love Forever. Then dare yourself to do the exercises we did and see what happens. We believe you will begin your own transformation and put your own jigsaw puzzle together. Imagine writing a whole new story! 

We offer a template for putting the pieces of your relationship back together, or moving on to a relationship in which that’s possible. By reading our book, you will get to connect with two people who moved from ignorance, pain and confusion to understanding, joy and freedom in their relationships by using the tools we offer.

The story that inspired Madly in Love Forever happened in a small town in southeast Iowa.  Lewis, born and raised in New York City in a Jewish family, and Diane, born in New York City and raised on Long Island in a Catholic family, each came to Fairfield, Iowa, with our own partners and children, our own personal lives, and the same intention to be part of a spiritual quest and a world peace mission in the late 1980′s and mid 1990′s, respectively.

Except for both being from New York, we have very different backgrounds. We feel that between the two of us we can relate to everyone who wants to improve their relationship.

Another thing we share is that we are both people persons. So it is our joy to share with you the processes, techniques, and tips that worked for us. In our desire to master this field, we spent hundreds of hours over more than five years absorbing this knowledge in many ways by

  • Studying the whole field of self-help and relationship help in depth.
  • Attending approximately 12 relationship and self-strengthening seminars.
  • Participating in six men’s and women’s circles between us.
  • Practicing meditation for decades and attending meditation courses and spiritual retreats.
  • Sitting in the company of great teachers, authors and coaches, absorbing their wisdom.
  • Sorting out the gems of wisdom received from our parents and our different faiths.

We Give You Clear Directions And A Very Easy Map To Follow, With Rest Stops, Fun And Action Along The Way.

Picture yourself lost in a shopping mall. You want to get to the book store. You go to the map of the mall and to get started you find the dot that indicates, “You are here.”  Or some of you might ask someone for help. That person will say something like, ‘Well, from here go down that corridor to the stairs and go up one flight….”

If you don’t know how to get where you want to go, that doesn’t mean you are a failure or lost forever. You just need a map or some good directions. You are perfectly capable of getting there when you have the guidance you need.

It’s the same with relationships. You can use Madly in Love Forever as your map and follow its simple directions to move from your current situation in your relationship to a new “destination”: A place of greater happiness than you’ve ever known with another person.

As Teddy Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” The important thing is to start now, from wherever you are, and take the first steps towards creating a better relationship.

Our way of offering information and knowledge could provide just the road map you need. We simply tell you what saved our lives after divorcing, what allowed us to be happy single people, and then what enabled us to create a relationship solid in trust, openness, and freedom.

Product Review – Char Tosi
“Since more than 50% of couples go through divorce, there is deep need for men and women to find ways to do relationships differently. Lewis and Diane, who have both been through a divorce, have found ways to do their relationship differently and have a vast store of tools to share with other couples. Their dedication and passion for couples to heal and grow together is evident in the way they relate to each other, as well as in their work with couples.”



Yes, I’m Ready To Be Madly In Love Forever.

You Can Feel Free WHILE Enjoying
Being Part Of A Couple.

You may be saying, “Come on, we all know that relationships make you feel trapped.”

Consider this. A friend of ours was dating a man for quite a while after having gone through two divorces. One day we bumped into her in the post office. When we asked how it was going for her and her partner she said, “Oh, I’m not with him any more. I’m not with anyone. I’m free!”

We understood what she meant. It can be such a huge relief to leave a relationship that isn’t working. But as we talked about it later we suddenly realized—for the first time, we both felt free and AT THE SAME TIME we were in a committed relationship!

We realized that the work we had done had given us the key to feeling free while simultaneously having all the love and security of being in a relationship. We had it all!


Do You Remember The Transformer Toys?

Transformer toys were two figures in one. We remember our kids being fascinated with them as they patiently moved parts, piece by piece, eventually to see a more powerful figure appear. Each time it appeared, they’d sigh with delight, “Ahhh!”  Then they’d run around with joy, in love with their new, transformed action toy.

It’s the same when we patiently begin to change parts of ourselves, piece by piece. As we see our new, more powerful self emerging, we can’t help but sigh a delighted “Ahhh!” And then we want to share the joy of our new and powerful, transformed self with others. Can you see the new you in a relationship?

The great news is that, just like the Transformers, we already have all the pieces we need. We just have to adjust them a bit. As we do that, bit by bit, we create a powerful transformation in our lives.

Although you may feel that you and your relationship are weak, you and your relationship can be transformed. How? By taking the “t” from the word transformation and putting it in front of the word weak. What do you get? The word “tweak.”  With a few tweaks, twists and changes to what you already possess, you will emerge as a more powerful being, ready and able to transform your relationship.

We Wrote A Book For You Filled With Simple Tools For Profound Transformation In Your Life.

That is the essence of Madly in Love Forever—simple tweaks and changes that you can make to transform yourself into a more powerful, awake individual. You will go from dreading “working on the relationship” to actually enjoying the process. No kidding!

That’s possible because we provide all the tools you’ll need to make the changes you want to see. You will find the right tool for the job at hand, and we all know what a difference that makes. When you find the right size wrench or the right type of screwdriver for a task—all of a sudden it’s easy.

Of course, your ability to find and use the right tool at the right time will depend on your ability to be receptive, open, and willing to try—not throwing the wrong tool across the room and declaring “nothing works.” You have to give it a chance to work.

And over time it gets better…these simple tools turn into power tools the more you use them!

Product Review – Tim Britton
“I was delighted when Lewis and Diane asked me to engineer the audio version of their new book, Madly in Love Forever. Being in the process of reuniting with my ex-wife five years after a heart rending divorce, I was very curious what they would have to say and how it would differ from the many other books on relationships I had read. Well, it couldn’t have been more timely. Tears of recognition were followed by the strength of resolve and knowledge as their story unfolded before my ears. I couldn’t believe my luck at having to scrutinize their every word several times over, just before leaving on a trip to visit my wife and daughter in hopes of galvanizing the next steps towards recreating our family. Their down to earth, practical wisdom is punctuated regularly with simple but profound action steps that effectively facilitate unconditional love and truly taking responsibility for creating one’s life. Their words continue to echo as I walk the path they outlined. Thank you, Lewis and Diane for taking the initiative to realize your own goals and then show us the way.”

Yes, I’m Ready To Be Madly In Love Forever.

Madly In Love Forever Will Transform Your Life When You USE It.

You Will Learn:

  • What true love is. Beyond culture, race, and gender, you will recognize yourself.  You will cry and applaud as you read each story.  ( Chapter 1)
  • How to be as steady as a rock in the ever-changing nature of relationships. (Chapter 3)
  •  Own the most important relationship tool ever.  (Chapter 3)
  • Find yourself and the love you want. (Chapter 3)
  • Discover your own hidden treasure that you can draw upon everyday. (Chapter 3)
  • Realize the power of taking care of your body and actualizing your destiny (Chapter 4)
  • Three simple ways to connect the mind and body so they both work for you. (Chapter 4)
  • The secret of learning about yourself and how you relate to others. (Chapter 5)
  • The single best exercise to stop hate from eating at your heart like acid. (Chapter 6)
  • Why forgiveness is the essential key to happy relationships. (Chapter 6)
  • The best recipe for living in freedom and loving more easily with less anger. (Chapter 6)
  • A consistently reliable way to find peace of mind while simultaneously loving your partner. (Chapter 7)
  • How to determine the absolutely best time to start dating. (Chapter 8)
  • Why dating is an opportunity to actually be in relationship with yourself ! (Chapter 8)
  • How to eliminate destructive communication habits. (Chapter 9)
  • The key to being yourself: honest, sincere and frank. ( Chapter 9)
  • Become a more effective listener so people will want to be around you. (Chapter 10)
  • Why expectations can destroy your relationship. (Chapter 11)
  • How to control less and love more. (Chapter 12)
  • One way to change your “glasses” from Fear to Love, so you can see your partner in his or her real beauty.” (Chapter 12)
  • Learn the highest form of love. How to quickly and easily create harmony, using appreciation. (Chapter 13)
  • Six ways to improve your time spent together. (Chapter 14)
  • The importance of giving your best to each other. ( Chapter 14)
  • A quadrant graph to improve your sex life. (Chapter 15)
  •  How to stop projecting your issues onto your partner. (Chapter 16)
  • The most overlooked document that can save a marriage. (Chapter 17)
  • Sure-fire ways to eliminate clutter in your home. (Chapter 18)
  • Ten tips for blending families so adults AND kids are happy. (Chapter 19)
Yes, I’m Ready To Be Madly In Love Forever.

What Will You Decide For Yourself Now?

We know that there are tons of choices. We believe that the practical and authentic teachings that we use in Madly in Love Forever will be extremely useful to you. You can learn from the many hours of “homework” we did at a time in our lives when we had both been brought to our knees by the pain of divorce. During that period we realized that blaming and becoming victimized was getting us nowhere.

We discovered that knowledge is the way out. Gaining knowledge lifts your level of consciousness and expands your awareness. When you are struggling in life, gaining deeper knowledge about yourself is often the way though to peace. And it’s a “vicious circle”: as you grow wiser, you attract more and more helpful knowledge.

So, congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve arrived at a place where you can receive knowledge and information that can heal your heart and uplift your life immeasurably!

Together let’s do what we can to make ourselves as strong as possible, in these challenging times, by diving right in and reading Madly in Love Forever.

Product Review – Jonas Magram
“Even after being married for over 27 years and doing lots of relationship “work” together, my wife Sandra and I have benefited greatly from Lewis and Diane’s guidance. Our communication is more open, more frequent, and more effective and, as a result, our love for one another flows more freely and fully. It is evident that Lewis and Diane walk their talk and that their teaching is based on their own successful practice. We wholeheartedly recommend them to any couple seeking a more loving, honest, and intimate relationship.”



You CAN Learn To Trust And Feel Love In Your Heart Again.

 We know if you were like us, you’d by now you are wondering if this is really possible. We say yes and yet we completely understand and acknowledge that your ability to hear and believe these words depends upon where you are in your process. You may be very discouraged, but just hold your mind open to the possibility and stay with us. We remember how, even in the darkest moments, hopeful news and helpful tips could blast us with a jolt of hope and inspiration, especially if they came from someone who had been where we were.

Let us just say: We understand and know what you are going through and we bring a message of hope—you can love and trust again.

How? Over time your trust can be rebuilt by positive experiences. And this is essential because, let’s face it, trust is at the core of all meaningful relationships.

Madly in Love Forever will help you discover that there are new options for you, new choices to make. You can take advantage of the “homework assignments” we give you to develop a deeper sense of self-awareness and inner strength. As you do, you will begin to have more positive experiences. You will learn to trust yourself and others more and make decisions that serve you better.

What are you deciding for yourself right now? Why continue to suffer? You can read even one chapter of our book and take the action steps and start steering the ship in a different direction. These exercises and practices are what will truly transform you and your relationship. As you do the exercises and learn more about yourself and your relationship, you will create positive reinforcement for yourself. You will be encouraged to take the next step in the next chapter, and continue to grow.

We like to say, you won’t follow us—you will follow your own results.

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” —Tibetan Proverb.  There is plenty to discover in our Madly In Love Forever book.

, I’m ready to Be Madly In Love Forever. Please send me Madly In Love Foreverfor $17.95 and $185.60 worth of bonuses. I understand that the bonuses become available once I order Madly In Love Forever.

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Bonus Gift ($150.00) – Receive a coupon for 10% off our Madly In Love Forever Premium Coaching package and prepare to re-ignite your relationship. Whatever you have in mind, let us be your guides. You do have somewhere to turn. The phrase “Madly in Love Forever” can actually come true.


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Bonus gift ($9.95)  Downloadable MP3 Audio Format of “The Happiness Zone” by Lenora Boyle–The Change Limiting Beliefs Coach.  Learn the Top Ten Ways to Get There, Live There and Flourish.


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Bonus Gift ( $9.95) – Downloadable MP3 Audio Format With One Hour Of Beautiful And Relaxing Piano Music. Here’s to You Two!! Let this music linger as you relax, dance or dine. Fantastic massage background music as well.


Bonus Gift ($19.95) – “Love Your Physical Self”- A Powerful And Effective One Hour Recording With Inaudible Suggestions And Subliminal Messages. You will be happy you treated yourself to this Downloadable MP3 Audio. Feel your soul bloom and rejoice in the fact that you never stop learning.


Bonus Gift (Value $9.95) – “Body Language Basics” ebook by Diane and Lewis Denbaum.  This is a basic crash course in understanding the messages in people’s body language. Immerse yourself with this new and fun information and watch the communication between you and your partner spontaneously improve.


Bonus Gift (Value $9.95) – Downloadable MP3 Audio Format of “How To Effortlessly Create Miracles” by Joe Vitale. Learn how to manifiest your goals from his 31 minute lecture. Be open and make a miracle happen for yourself.


Bonus Gift ($19.95 Value) – ”How To Create A Killer Elevator Speech” by Veronica (Ronnie) Noize, “The Marketing Coach”-Learn The Art Of The Elevator Speech So That You Can Learn To Answer The Question “What Do You Do?” In A Pithy, Interesting And Compelling Matter. Downloadable Ebook. We’ll be honest, we’re not sure if this relates to being madly in love forever, but it’s a great book.

Here’s What Other People Have to Say About Madly In Love Forever And Our Coaching.

Product Review – Sandra Magram
“My husband Jonas and I had coaching sessions with Diane and Lewis many times. Every time the support and guidance they offered ended in wonderful results for me on the mental and emotional levels. These results gave me a deeper connection with my husband and our marriage grew stronger and sweeter.Lewis and Diane inspire trust and inspiration through the example of their own marriage and their love of helping others.”Love and Blessings,



Product Review – Sheila Ross
“As soon as I read Madly in Love Forever, I ordered two more copies for my daughters, both single and still just at the beginning of their learning curve about relationships. It’s very helpful, whatever one’s natural ability in this area of life and however much experience one has. I have been married for 36 years, and I was reminded of many useful practices. Diane and Lewis’ bookmakes many profound and practical points on how to nurture, love and respect your partner for the sake of the full blossoming of love—which is why we get into relationship in the first place!




Wishing you that Madly In Love Forever feeling,

Diane and Lewis Denbaum

PS.  There’s NEVER been a better time to read and be Madly In Love Forever. We put the whole jigsaw puzzle together for you. Let us save you time and money.

PPS.  What path do you want to take? Do you want to be resigned to suffering or committed to happiness? What is your decision? Take a step in the right direction and read and be Madly in Love Forever.

Yes, I’m Ready To Be Madly In Love Forever.
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