Courses for ACLS certification online provide the same conveniences and general program, however, the details are where you can know the deciding factors to see whether the course is perfect for you to take. Here are some of the factors you need to consider:

Limits on attempts and time

Guarantee that your chosen course doesn’t have a time limit and enables you to work at your own pace. Flexibility should be the main advantage you get while you take an online ACLS course. Hence, you must never compromise on this feature. Moreover, it would be a bonus if the course would provide multiple attempts for you to pass it.

Money-back guarantee

Most of the time, a money-back guarantee won’t come to mind. However, this can actually be helpful to you especially if there will be unexpected situations that will happen where you can’t benefit from the course anymore. In this case, you need to know your options on how you can recover your funds.

Review material included

Other ACLS courses online do not include study materials as a portion of the quoted price. Before you sign up in a course, be clear whether the review materials serve as an add-on or already included in what you pay for the course. Though the majority of sites would include such materials, it’s typical to encounter offers that consider the manual of AHA ACLS as an additional study guide.

Customer Support

Never forget the essence of customer support. You have to at least select a site that gives an email address that you can reach out to anytime you want. It would be great if they can provide you a phone number that you can contact during their normal business hours. Plus, a site gets added points if they have a live online customer support service.


Since the AHA doesn’t accredit any exclusive online ACLS course, you need to select a course that still follows the guidelines of AHA according to the standards from JCAHO or Joint Commission.


Even if all things are the same, it would be great to look for an ACLS course that’s accepted abroad and in the United States. But, the most vital thing to consider is if your employer accepts the course.


Though pricing should not be the only determining factor, it’s always essential. A certification course potentially ranges upwards of 275 dollars. On the other hand, recertification courses basically reach almost 175 dollars. The real variations in what you can have from courses between the price scale’s lower end to the higher end may be insignificant for others. The difference might wind down into something as minimal as the video inclusions as a portion of the course. For most people, less costly online courses are more than suitable and are commonly acceptable given that all things are the same.


Recommendations and testimonials should still be considered, however, don’t solely rely on them. If you’re searching online, you should search for sites that are independent third party for what tend to have unbiased and honest reviews.